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Closeup of Highlight Series strip
  • 12V; 24V options
  • IP20; IP67 Waterproof options
  • 5m; 30m contractor reels
  • 25m ultra-long run option
  • Single, Triple and Quad Row options
  • 90+ CRI standard
  • 5m starting @ $32.95
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The HighLight series is our latest and most extensive line of LED strip lighting, manufactured with the highest quality 2835 LED chips and materials. Strips are available with various brightness options, color temperatures, IP ratings, and contractor reels.
Closeup of Lux Series strip
  • 24V for longer runs
  • IP20 for indoors
  • 5m reels
  • 4mm ultra-narrow option
  • 90+ CRI standard
  • 5m starting @ $45.95
Shop All Lux Series
The Lux Series is our top of the line strip series. It features the latest and smallest LED chips which allow for a more narrow strip and a higher density of LED chips. With the highest density of LED chips, the Lux Series features a wide beam angle that produces the brightest solid line of light we have available.
Closeup of Radiant Series strip
  • 12V; 24V options
  • IP20; IP68 submersible options
  • 5m; 30m contractor reels
  • Industry standard for task and ambient lighting
  • 5m starting @ $49.95
Shop All Radiant Series
Our industry standard strip series comes in a wide range of single-colors and color temperatures. The Radiant Series is a good choice for indoor (IP20) home use and great for task and ambient lighting applications or use IP68 submersible strips for the most demanding wet applications.
Closeup of Eco Series strip
  • 12V; 24V options
  • IP20; IP54 Weatherproof options
  • 5m; 30m contractor reels
  • Brightest dual-row option
  • 80+ CRI standard
  • 5m starting @ $26.95
Shop All Eco Series
The Eco Series is our standard strip and most affordable choice. Coming in a wide variety of single-colors and color temperatures makes this series perfect for indoor/outdoor (IP20 & IP54) accent and ambient lighting applications.
Closeup of DynamicColor strip
  • 12V; 24V options
  • IP20; IP54 Weatherproof; IP68 Submersible
  • 5m; 30m contractor reels
  • Tunable White dual-row available
  • 36 LEDs/ft High Density option
  • RGB+CCT, RGBA+CCT specialty strips
  • 5m starting @ $34.95
Shop All DynamicColor
DynamicColor is our color-changing series, with a large selection of customizable light capabilities including RGB, Tunable White, RGBW, RGB+ Tunable White, and CCT. The line includes strips in 12V and 24V, with protection ratings spanning from indoor IP20, weatherproof IP54/67, to submersible IP68. It also includes a high density RGB strip, featuring an impressive 36 LEDs/ft. Install in bars and kitchens, patios, even boats or pools for a dynamic display.
Closeup of DreamColor strip
  • 5V; 12V options
  • IP20; IP67 Waterproof options
  • 3m; 5m reel options
  • Single addressable LED chips for highest resolution available
  • Hundreds of color chasing and sequencing patterns with compatible controllers
  • 5m starting @ $89.95
Shop All DreamColor
Our DreamColor Series offers an extensive line of color-chasing strip lights. With a range of compatible RGBW and DMX controllers, customize exact sequencing patterns and create a unique lighting display. Various IC chip types available for any digital RGB system with 1-3 addressable LED segments to dial in resolution needs. Options available for indoor and outdoor installation.
Closeup of COB strip
  • 24V options
  • IP20 for indoors
  • 5m reels
  • Multiple CCT and single color options
  • Seamless line of hot-spot free light
  • 90+ CRI options
  • 5m starting @ $99.95
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Chip-on-board technology featured in the COB Series produces the most seamless line of light possible. Superior design will not show visible dots or hot spots, making it a great choice for reflective surfaces such as granite countertops and tile floors. Also ideal for narrow applications like jewelry cases and backlighting.

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