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C9 LED Bulbs - Ceramic Style Replacement Christmas Light Bulbs - 6 Lumens

Part Number: C9-xS
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Cool 16000K
Warm 3000K
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These C9 LED Christmas light bulbs are designed to fit holiday light strands with E17 sockets. The ceramic style C9 replacement bulbs use less than 1 watt of power, have 120V AC operation, and are designed to last 17 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Available in cool white, warm white, red, green, blue, orange, yellow, or purple. Price per bulb or 25-pack.

2 Years
Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a 2-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product within the warranty period. If the same product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted. Read More
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ImagePart NOLED QuantityCCT / Wavelength
SeriesPrice Ea.Constant Current
Lumen Per DollarEnvironmental Rating
C9-WWS-3000 K--$0.99---
C9-CWS-16000 K--$0.99---
C9-RS-632 nm--$0.99---
C9-YS-592 nm--$0.99---
C9-OS-610 nm--$0.99---
C9-BS-466 nm--$0.99---
C9-GS-521 nm--$0.99---
C9-PS-452 nm--$0.99---
C9-BS-25PK-466 nm--$21.95---
C9-CWS-25PK-16000 K--$21.95---
C9-GS-25PK-521 nm--$21.95---
C9-OS-25PK-610 nm--$21.95---
C9-PS-25PK-452 nm--$21.95---
C9-RS-25PK-632 nm--$21.95---
C9-WWS-25PK-3000 K--$21.95---
C9-YS-25PK-592 nm--$21.95---
C9-xS - Ceramic Style C9 LED Replacement Bulb
Ceramic Style C9 LED Replacement Bulb



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Super Bright C9 Led Bulbs

Had been looking for blue C9 led bulbs to replace the incandescent bulbs I had and found Super Bright. Ordered five to test them out, the bulbs arrived quickly. Screwed them in to the sockets and turned them on. I was concerned that they may not be bright enough. Wow, they looked great. Heck, they may be too bright. Thought about adding a dimmer, yes they are dimmable, but decided that I like them bright. Very deep, nice looking, blue color.

Ordered 60 more, they arrived quickly. Strung them up and they look great. Also, I need to mention that with the multi-pack discount and Holiday promo code, I spent less money than I would have at another supplier I was looking at. I will definitely buy from Super Bright again.

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They Look Great

Easy to order. Price didn't seem outrageous. Bulbs arrived in good condition. The orange bulbs glow orange. The purple bulbs glow purple - a similar look to blacklight, but brighter. I need them to last every evening through October 31, 2018. Last night (September 22, 2018) was their first night. So far, so good. They look great.

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Won’t simply replace your incandescent bulbs

We swapped out 75 LED bulbs for older incandescent ones from three strings of lights that go on the house. Plugged them in and only 3 new LEDs lit up. After fiddling with the strings and bulbs for a few hours, we managed to get 10 of these new LEDs to light. These bulbs aren’t a simple replacement—the bases vary in size and they don’t fit the strings same as the glass ones you’re wanting to replace.

So now I have to order new light strings and hope that fixes the problem. Otherwise it’s return everything and stay with the old light bulbs which still work fine. The colors of the 10 bulbs that light are nice (5 stars for appearance) and I was hoping to save power and the annual hassle of having to replace 5-10% of the bulbs that burned out. For now I’ve just traded that hassle for dealing with the 95% of LED bulbs that refuse to work. :(

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Response from Super Bright LEDs:

When replacing incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs in old sockets, it is good practice to burnish the center contact of each of the sockets to insure the best contact between socket and bulb. LEDs require a clean connection to work properly.

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Great lights, some issues with longevity

I've bought and used over 300 of these lights, along with the C7 style, for my Christmas lights display. I love the style, and we've gotten so many compliments on how they look. My only issue with them is that after two seasons of display, I lost about 25% of the bulbs due to LED failure. I use LPS Electro Contact Cleaner to clean the bulb bases, which seem to oxidize pretty easily, and that fixes some of them, but others seem to simply suffer from having a short life. Those bulbs just will not light up at all, but thanks to the 2-year exchange policy, I was able to swap those non-working ones for new ones. I just worry about the somewhat short life of the bulbs, since I only use them for about 40 days, 7 hours a day each year.

Also, be careful about where you store the bulbs long-term, as putting them in my attic where I also keep my GE mini-light strands caused the plastic shell of several C9 bulbs to prematurely yellow, whereas the GE strands still have their original color.

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Response from Super Bright LEDs:

Tarnished sockets can cause a heat build up in the base of an LED bulb and damage the driver inside. To resolve this condition, turn the power off to the light and burnish all oxidation off of the center contact. This will produce the best connection and improve the life of the bulb. Also, for outdoor installations, consider using BG-1 Bulb Grease to eliminate oxidation from forming.

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White bulbs don’t last

I’ve had 7 of the 25 white bulbs burn out within a year. Can’t afford to replace them every year.

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