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LED Hideaway Strobe Lights - Mini Emergency Vehicle LED Warning Lights w/ Built-In Controller - Surface Mount

Part Number: MSTRB
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Lifetime warranty on all emergency vehicle and strobe LED lights. Hideaway LED Strobe lights provide warning protection for fire, rescue, police, ambulance, or construction vehicles requiring powerful discrete or even hidden warning lights. Installs easily in headlight or taillight housings. Internal controller has 37 strobe patterns. Black painted aluminum housing with convex lens and fully potted circuit board to resist water and corrosion. 10~30 VDC. 7" power wires. Surface or through-hole mountable using 2 screw holes 1.26" apart. Available in Red, Purple, Amber, Green, Blue, or White LEDs with 360 or 180 degree beam pattern. Dimensions: 4.039cm(1.59") diameter x 3.112cm(1.23") height.

Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a Lifetime Warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product. If the same product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted. Read More
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Part NOColor Temperature
Beam Angle
Current Draw
MSTRB-360-AAmber 360 °0.10 A$54.95
MSTRB-360-RRed 360 °0.10 A$54.95
MSTRB-360-WWhite 360 °0.12 A$54.95
MSTRB-180-AAmber 180 °0.08 A$49.95
MSTRB-180-RRed 180 °0.68 A$49.95
MSTRB-180-WWhite 180 °0.68 A$49.95
MSTRB-180-GGreen 180 °0.68 A(Discontinued)
MSTRB-180-BBlue 180 °0.68 A$49.95
MSTRB-360-GGreen 360 °0.68 A$54.95
MSTRB-360-BBlue 360 °0.68 A$54.95
MSTRB-180-PPurple 180 °0.68 A$49.95
MSTRB-360-PPurple 360 °0.68 A$54.95

 Installation & Product Information for LED Hideaway Strobe Lights 

MSTRB Mounting Options:
I. Standard Mounting Option
The strobe light head is inserted through the mounting surface and is fastened from the rear of the light base with two self-tapping screws.
II. Flange Mounting Option (not included)
Wiring is first routed through a hole in the mounting surface. The strobe light head is inserted through a flange, which is then fastened directly to mounting surface by two self-tapping screws.

Wiring Options and Flash Patterns:
Wiring Key
Red (Positive/V+) Blue (Pattern Select)
Black (Negative/V) Yellow (Synchronize)
  • Before making any connections to the automotive wiring, always disconnect the battery negative terminal.
  • Do not install this product or route wiring in the car air bag deployment area. Refer to the vehicle manual for air bag information.
  • Use an appropriate fuse for the positive wire connection
Compatible Strobe Lights
  • All MSTRB lights are compatible with each other for flash pattern syncing applications. A momentary mode switch can be used give the lights alternating or synced flash patterns.
  • For more information on syncing functionality watch the LED Hideaway Strobe Lights video (left), or view the MSTRB Mini-Strobe LED Light manual.
Flash Pattern & Momentary Mode Switch Operation:
Select strobe patterns by contacting the Pattern Select (blue) wire to the Negative (black) wire. Selection options vary with the duration of pattern switch contact. To achieve synchronization between multiple lights, make sure all lights are set in P1 (default) pattern. Tie all yellow wires together, and then initiate pattern selection. Use optional master switch for pattern memory retention.
Strobe Pattern Selection Options Duration of Wire Contact
Select Next Pattern 0-1 Sec.
Select Previous Pattern 1-3 Sec.
P1 (Default) 3-5 Sec.
Turn Off/Reset to P1 5+ Sec.
MSTRB Series Flash Patterns
P1: Single 120 FPM Ph1-Color 1&2 P2: Single 120 FPM Ph2-Color 1&2 P3: Single 120 FPM Ph1-Color 1
P4: Single 120 FPM Ph2-Color 2 P5: Single 120 FPM Alt. Color 1< >2 P6: Single 300 FPM Ph1-Color 1&2
P7: Single 300 FPM Ph2-Color 1&2 P8: Single 300 FPM Ph1-Color 1 P9: Single 300 FPM Ph2-Color 2
P10: Single 300 FPM Alt. Color 1< >2 P11: Single 75 FPM Ph1-Color 1&2 P12: Single 75 FPM Ph2-Color 1&2
P13: Single 75 FPM Alt. Color 1< >2 P14: Double 75 FPM Ph1-Color 1&2 P15: Double 75 FPM Ph2-Color 1&2
P16: Double 75 FPM Alt. Color 1< >2 P17: Double 120 FPM Ph1-Color 1&2 P18: Double 120 FPM Ph2-Color 1&2
P19: Double 120 FPM Alt. Color 1< >2 P20: Quad 75 FPM Ph1-Color 1&2 P21: Quad 75 FPM Ph2-Color 1&2
P22: Quad 75 FPM Ph1-Color 1 P23: Quad 75 FPM Ph2-Color 2 P24: Quad 75 FPM Alt. Color 1< >2
P25: Quad 120 FPM Ph1-Color 1&2 P26: Quad 120 FPM Ph2-Color 1&2 P27: Quad 120 FPM Ph1-Color 1
P28: Quad 120 FPM Ph2-Color 2 P29: Quad 120 FPM Alt. Color 1< >2 P30: Quint 120 FPM Ph1-Color 1&2
P31: Quint 120 FPM Ph2-Color 1&2 P32: Quint 120 FPM Alt. Color 1< >2 P33: 2 Double 75 FPM,4 Quad 120 FPM
P34: Modul. Flash Color 1< >2 P35: AutoRun P36: STEADY LIGHT / P37: OFF
  Parts Include
MSTRB - LED Hideaway Strobe Lights - Mini Emergency Vehicle LED Warning Lights w/ Built-In Controller - Surface Mount
LED Hideaway Strobe Lights - Mini Emergency Vehicle LED Warning Lights w/ Built-In Controller - Surface Mount



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I installed these tiny but Extremely bright LEDs on my experimental aircraft (Helicopter), and it is very bright even in direct sunlight! VFR (Visual Flight Rules) See and BE seen when flying in shared airspace with other aircraft. Not all aircraft have Transponders that let other aircraft know where you are, so the F.A.A. requires you to be able to be seen. Sadly, LIGHTING marketed for "Aircraft" is VERY EXPENSIVE! These tiny but VERY bright lights are AWESOME, and a fraction of the price of other aviation lighting. I have shared these LEDs with other pilots, and everyone is impressed! Old fashioned strobes draw lots of energy, and LEDs do NOT.

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Great product at a reasonable price

I use this strobe on my paramotor. Where I live there are several airplane communities that end up with lower flying aircraft. I need to be seen. I just mounted this to my paramotor and I find it to be a very bright strobe. I'm really happy with both the reasonableness of price and how well the light functions/it's brightness. We'll see how durable it is over the year as paramotors tend to have significant vibrations.

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Excellent Motorcycle brake light option!

Installation: 1993 Kawasaki Voyager XII - brake light system.

Pulses the current patter every time the brakes are applied. Unit has over 30 patterns to choose from. Easy to program and install. Stays on program until you change it. Very bright during the day or at night, grabs the attention of those following. Had many people provide positive comments on the visibility that it added.

It is very small but powerful and it is well "hidden" but makes itself known when necessary.

Installation took a little less than an hour. 4 Wires. Red (12v switched source), Black (Ground), Blue (program - touching ground wire will change one pattern each time you touch the blue wire to ground, or you can install an inline switch), Yellow (light sync - synchronizes multiple light units and will allow alternating or in-sync flashing.). For my installation I also purchased the Oval Flange (MSTRB-OTB) and the bracket (MSTRB-OBKT).

Highly recommended!

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A year later it holds up great in high vibration

This is a follow up my other review which gave it 5 stars for being super bright. Well, after a year I'd give it 6 stars if I could. I use it for my paramotor which is a high vibration application and after a year it has held up perfectly! I love it. I fly around a lot of air craft including helicopters and airplanes and I have seen pilots come by to see what I'm flying because of the flashing light. However, they don't get too close. So I know they are seeing me! It gives me comfort in the sky as I sure can't hear them coming with my helmet/hearing protection over my ears! Thanks for making this product available!!

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aircraft owner
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used like a bulb

This little unit replaced an existing 1960,3lb. amp. drawing unit. It was small enough to put inside old lens. of course my AC is an experimental and its allowed. Awesome!

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