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BA9s LED Landscape Light Bulb - 4 LED - BA9s Retrofit

Part Number: BA9s-x4-x-xVAC-LAN
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120 VAC
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Cool 6500K
Warm 3200K
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 32 degree 
 90 degree 
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LED BA9s bulbs are commonly used in numerous industrial applications such as indicator lights and control panels. This BA9s single-contact LED bulb replaces a variety of traditional bulbs including 1445 and 17053 bulbs. It has 4 LEDs that are positioned on the top of the bulb and emit a narrow 32° or wide 90° viewing angle. Produces up to 13 lumens at 3200K or 6500K. 9-mm Miniature bayonet base for easy plug-and-play installation—just twist to lock in place. The energy-efficient bulb has 6, 12 and 28V AC/DC operation as well as 120V AC operation and is designed to last 30,000 hours—25 times longer than incandescents. Available in cool white, warm white, blue, green, amber and red. Not sold in pairs. Price per bulb.

Important Notes - Please read before purchasing:
  1. Non-Weatherproof, Indoor use only unless contained within weatherproof housing or used in conjunction with weatherproofing products
In order for certain products within controlled categories, such as electrical and electronic devices, to be legally sold in the European Economic Area, they must bear a CE label, which stands for Conformité Européenne (European Conformity). Products with this label meet environmental, health, and safety standards put into place by European legislation.
  • LED Map Lights
  • Dashboard Lights
  • Footwell
  • Instrument Cluster Lights
  • Gauge Lights
  • LED Vanity Lights
  • Indicator Lamps
  • Dome Lights


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CCT ValuePart NOCCT / Wavelength
Beam Angle
Current Draw @ Operating Voltage
Operating VoltagePrice Ea.Product WeightConstant Current
Environmental Rating
6500 KBA9S-W4-32-120VAC6500 K-4 lm32 °0.01A120 V$2.49---
-BA9S-R4-32-6VAC628 nm-8 lm32 °0.03A6 V$2.49---
-BA9S-R4-32-12VAC628 nm-5 lm32 °0.01A12 V$2.49---
-BA9S-R4-32-28VAC628 nm-8 lm32 °0.01A28 V$2.49---
-BA9S-A4-32-6VAC592 nm-7.5 lm32 °0.03A6 V$2.49---
-BA9S-A4-32-12VAC592 nm-4.5 lm32 °0.01A12 V$2.49---
-BA9S-A4-32-28VAC592 nm-5 lm32 °0.01A28 V$2.49---
6500 KBA9S-W4-32-6VAC6500 K-25 lm32 °0.06A6 V$2.49---
6500 KBA9S-W4-32-12VAC6500 K-18 lm32 °0.03A12 V$2.49---
6500 KBA9S-W4-32-28VAC6500 K-20 lm32 °0.01A28 V$2.49---
-BA9S-B4-32-6VAC473 nm-6 lm32 °0.07A6 V$2.49---
-BA9S-B4-32-12VAC473 nm-4.5 lm32 °0.03A12 V$2.49---
-BA9S-B4-32-28VAC473 nm-4.5 lm32 °0.01A28 V$2.49---
-BA9S-G4-32-6VAC525 nm-22 lm32 °0.06A6 V$2.49---
-BA9S-G4-32-12VAC525 nm-20 lm32 °0.03A12 V$2.49---
-BA9S-G4-32-28VAC525 nm-20 lm32 °0.01A28 V$2.49---
-BA9S-R4-90-12VAC628 nm-4.5 lm90 °0.01A12 V$2.49---
-BA9S-A4-90-12VAC592 nm-4 lm90 °0.01A12 V$2.49---
6500 KBA9S-W4-90-12VAC6500 K-15 lm90 °0.03A12 V$2.49---
-BA9S-B4-90-12VAC473 nm-3.5 lm90 °0.01A12 V$2.49---
-BA9S-G4-90-12VAC525 nm-18 lm90 °0.01A12 V$2.49---
3200 KBA9S-WW4-32-6VAC3200 K-23 lm32 °0.06A6 V$2.49---
3200 KBA9S-WW4-32-12VAC3200 K-15 lm32 °0.02A12 V$2.49---
3200 KBA9S-WW4-90-12VAC3200 K-12 lm90 °0.02A12 V$2.49---
3200 KBA9S-WW4-32-28VAC3200 K-13 lm32 °0.06A28 V$2.49---
-BA9S-A4-32-12VAC-10PK592 nm-4.5 lm32 °0.01A12 V$22.95---
-BA9S-A4-32-12VAC-20PK592 nm-4.5 lm32 °0.01A12 V$44.95---
-BA9S-A4-32-28VAC-10PK592 nm-5 lm32 °0.01A28 V$22.95---
-BA9S-A4-32-28VAC-20PK592 nm-5 lm32 °0.01A28 V$44.95---
-BA9S-A4-32-6VAC-10PK592 nm-7.5 lm32 °0.03A6 V$22.95---
-BA9S-A4-32-6VAC-20PK592 nm-7.5 lm32 °0.03A6 V$44.95---
-BA9S-A4-90-12VAC-10PK592 nm-4 lm90 °0.01A12 V$22.95---
-BA9S-A4-90-12VAC-20PK592 nm-4 lm90 °0.01A12 V$44.95---
-BA9S-B4-32-12VAC-10PK473 nm-4.5 lm32 °0.03A12 V$22.95---
-BA9S-B4-32-12VAC-20Pk473 nm-4.5 lm32 °0.03A12 V$44.95---
-BA9S-B4-32-28VAC-10PK473 nm-4.5 lm32 °0.01A28 V$22.95---
-BA9S-B4-32-28VAC-20PK473 nm-4.5 lm32 °0.01A28 V$44.95---
-BA9S-B4-32-6VAC-10PK473 nm-6 lm32 °0.07A6 V$22.95---
-BA9S-B4-32-6VAC-20PK473 nm-6 lm32 °0.07A6 V$44.95---
-BA9S-B4-90-12VAC-10PK473 nm-3.5 lm90 °0.01A12 V$22.95---
-BA9S-B4-90-12VAC-20PK473 nm-3.5 lm90 °0.01A12 V$44.95---
-BA9S-G4-32-12VAC-10PK525 nm-20 lm32 °0.03A12 V$22.95---
-BA9S-G4-32-12VAC-20PK525 nm-20 lm32 °0.03A12 V$44.95---
-BA9S-G4-32-28VAC-10PK525 nm-20 lm32 °0.01A28 V$22.95---
-BA9S-G4-32-28VAC-20PK525 nm-20 lm32 °0.01A28 V$44.95---
-BA9S-G4-32-6VAC-10PK525 nm-22 lm32 °0.06A6 V$22.95---
-BA9S-G4-32-6VAC-20PK525 nm-22 lm32 °0.06A6 V$44.95---
-BA9S-G4-90-12VAC-10PK525 nm-18 lm90 °0.01A12 V$22.95---
-BA9S-G4-90-12VAC-20PK525 nm-18 lm90 °0.01A12 V$44.95---
-BA9S-R4-32-12VAC-10PK628 nm-5 lm32 °0.01A12 V$22.95---
-BA9S-R4-32-12VAC-20PK628 nm-5 lm32 °0.01A12 V$44.95---
-BA9S-R4-32-28VAC-10PK628 nm-8 lm32 °0.01A28 V$22.95---
-BA9S-R4-32-28VAC-20PK628 nm-8 lm32 °0.01A28 V$44.95---
-BA9S-R4-32-6VAC-10PK628 nm-8 lm32 °0.03A6 V$22.95---
-BA9S-R4-32-6VAC-20PK628 nm-8 lm32 °0.03A6 V$44.95---
-BA9S-R4-90-12VAC-10PK628 nm-4.5 lm90 °0.01A12 V$22.95---
-BA9S-R4-90-12VAC-20PK628 nm-4.5 lm90 °0.01A12 V$44.95---
6500 KBA9S-W4-32-120VAC-10PK6500 K-4 lm32 °0.01A120 V$22.95---
6500 KBA9S-W4-32-120VAC-20PK6500 K-4 lm32 °0.01A120 V$44.95---
6500 KBA9S-W4-32-12VAC-10PK6500 K-18 lm32 °0.03A12 V$22.95---
6500 KBA9S-W4-32-12VAC-20PK6500 K-18 lm32 °0.03A12 V$44.95---
6500 KBA9S-W4-32-28VAC-10PK6500 K-20 lm32 °0.01A28 V$22.95---
6500 KBA9S-W4-32-28VAC-20PK6500 K-20 lm32 °0.01A28 V$44.95---
6500 KBA9S-W4-32-6VAC-10PK6500 K-25 lm32 °0.06A6 V$22.95---
6500 KBA9S-W4-32-6VAC-20PK6500 K-25 lm32 °0.06A6 V$44.95---
6500 KBA9S-W4-90-12VAC-10PK6500 K-15 lm90 °0.03A12 V$22.95---
6500 KBA9S-W4-90-12VAC-20PK6500 K-15 lm90 °0.03A12 V$44.95---
3200 KBA9S-WW4-32-12VAC-10PK3200 K-15 lm32 °0.02A12 V$22.95---
3200 KBA9S-WW4-32-12VAC-20PK3200 K-15 lm32 °0.02A12 V$44.95---
3200 KBA9S-WW4-32-28VAC-10PK3200 K-13 lm32 °0.06A28 V$22.95---
3200 KBA9S-WW4-32-28VAC-20PK3200 K-13 lm32 °0.06A28 V$44.95---
3200 KBA9S-WW4-32-6VAC-10PK3200 K-23 lm32 °0.06A6 V$22.95---
3200 KBA9S-WW4-32-6VAC-20PK3200 K-23 lm32 °0.06A6 V$44.95---
3200 KBA9S-WW4-90-12VAC-10PK3200 K-12 lm90 °0.02A12 V$22.95---
3200 KBA9S-WW4-90-12VAC-20PK3200 K-12 lm90 °0.02A12 V$44.95---
BA9s-x4-x-xVAC-LAN - BA9s LED Bulb - 4 LED - BA9s Retrofit
BA9s LED Bulb - 4 LED - BA9s Retrofit



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Perfect for 1983 Jeep CJ-7 Speedo Cluster

I bought these to upgrade the incandescent lights in my CJ speedometer cluster. I got 5 Warm White for illumination in the Speedo, Voltmeter and Oil Pressure, 2 green for turn signals, 1 blue for high beam, 1 red for brake warning and 1 amber for the 4WD active. These fit perfectly in all the different sockets, are bright (but not too) and look great. The colors are pretty close to the originals but are so much more vibrant. It will be nice to have reliable dash/gauge lighting that runs cooler with less power and can resist vibration. I recommend the upgrade to all CJ folks.

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Work great in vintage stereo receiver

I got a Technics SA-200 receiver at an estate sale. It had working white incandescent bulbs, but I wanted sexy green lights. I wanted LED's, and researched around to landed here. I was worried about the narrow lighting angle, but they look great. These are just a drop in replacement for the bulbs, they match the voltage (6V), and everything seems fine. The amperage is a little different, but it doesn't seem to be effecting anything. Nothing is warm or anything. I've just reordered some blue ones for when I want to change things up.

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These bulbs are bright!

I installed these bulbs in several 2-1/16 inch aftermarket automotive gauges and the green leds are easy on the eyes and bright enough to keep you alert while driving. These are highly recommended for aftermarket 2 inch aftermarket gauges.

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instrument panel replacement

I used these in my 1983 fj60 land cruiser's instrument panel. I replaced the stock bulb with these led lights in green and wow, they looked great. My problem was I also had 4 auxiliary gauges such as vacuum, voltmeter, oil pressure and water temperature that did not match the same color when I turned on my lights. No problem, I bought the same led lights in green. Now everything matches and even dim with the dimmer switch. I could not be happier. Also very fast shipping and at a reasonable price. I have been using these lights for six months now with no issues.

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light is pointing in wrong direction

led light beam is pointing in the wrong direction for my 2000 ford focus map light, not enough light out put to read maps

I had to modify the map light assy to make the bulb fit

bulb is bright and good quality

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Response from Super Bright LEDs:

Thanks for taking to time to submit a review. I am sorry the the BA9S-x4-32-12VAC did not meet your expectations. When selecting an LED bulb it is important to keep in mind that LEDs are directional so you need the LEDs pointed at the area where light is needed. For example in your application either the BA9s-xHP6 or if there is enough room the BA9s-xHP9 would work much better as they give off light in all directions much like to stock bulb did.

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