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Strobe Light Controller with Wireless Key Fob Remote for Wire Harness - 11 Strobe Patterns

Part Number: RCS-RF


  • Control LED light bars with the included key fob controller
  • Select from 11 strobing modes
  • 2 year warranty
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Wireless Remote Control System for 12VDC LED products. Control your LED light strip, LED light bar, off road LED light bar or LED work light wirelessly with just a touch of a button. Features 11 strobing modes. Includes brushed aluminum key fob. 1.35A total maximum load, 100ft (30m) remote signal range. For use with our wiring harness.

Product Details:
  • 3-pin connector
  • 1.35 Amps
  • 12 VDC

2 Years
Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a 2-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product within the warranty period. If the same product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted. Read More
  • Vehicle Accent
  • Off-Road Vehicles
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Show Trucks Lights
For use with switch harnesses:
Parts Included
  • 1 - RCS-RF Receiver
  • 1 - RCS-RF-R Key Fob Remote
  • 1 - Double Sided Mounting Tape
  • 1 - Instructions
  1. Unplug supplied switch from the harness by pressing on the locking tab and releasing the two halves of the connector.
  2. Plug RCS-RF in between switch and harness, being sure to note the orientation of the locking tab.
  3. Make sure both halves of connector are fully seated and locked together.
Pairing Remote & Receiver
  1. Complete wiring installation of the light you wish to use.
  2. Press the pairing on top of the RCS-RF receiver and release. The light will flash twice.
  3. Press any button on the remote within five seconds, the light will flash three times indicating the pairing is complete.
  4. To erase the pairing from memory simply press and hold the programming button on the RCS-RF until the light flashes five times.
Remote Control Buttons
Button A On / Off
Button C Mode Advance Backward
Button B Mode Advance Forward
Button D SOS Mode
Remote Strobe Modes
Button A Static On/Off Mode (No Flashing)
Button B~C Three Quick Flashes Pause Mode ((On 40ms + Off 40ms)x3 + Off 240ms)
Forty One Quick Flashes, Ten Long Flashes ((On 40ms + Off 40ms)x41 + (On 300ms + Off 300ms)x10)
Short Alternating Flash Mode (On 250ms + Off 250ms)
ON/Off/On Pause Mode (On 150ms + Off 150ms + On 150ms + Off 650ms)
Medium Alternating Flash Mode (On 330ms + Off 330ms)
Decreasing Speed Flash Mode (( On 40ms + Off 40ms) + (On 42ms +Off 42ms) +(On 44ms +Off 44ms) + …… + (On 398ms + Off 400ms))
Long Alternating Flash Mode (On 500ms + Off 500ms)
Increasing Speed Flash Mode (( On 400ms + Off 398ms) + ( On 396ms + Off 394ms) + …… + (On 42ms + Off 40ms))
Additive Flashing Mode ((On 40ms + Off 40ms)x1 + Off 460ms + (On 40ms + Off 40ms)x2 + Off 460ms + (On 40ms + Off 40ms)x3 + Off 460ms + …… + (On 40ms + Off 40ms)x10 + Off 460ms)
Button D SOS Mode On/Off ((On 200ms + Off 200ms)x3 + Off 300ms + (On 400ms + Off 200ms)x3 + Off 300ms + (On 200ms + Off 200ms) x3 + Off 1100ms)


RCS-RF - Wireless Remote Control Switch with Key Fob for Wire Harnesses
Wireless Remote Control Switch with Key Fob for Wire Harnesses



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1) Remote fob is also well made but wished two fobs were included instead of one.
2) Using this remote remote switch to operate LED light bars in front of an SUV. Receiver was mounted high in engine bay just in front of firewall. Keyfob was fixed onto the console inside cabin. Lights would turn on easily but turning them off was often problematic, requiring multiple presses, changing car's location to less intrusive surroundings, or having to get out of the car with the fob. The firewall, hood, etc prevent the RF signal from reaching the receiver. Fix: remove the cover of the receiver by taking out the two small philips screws. There is an antenna cable coiled inside the receiver box. Uncoil the wire, straighten it, and bring it outside of the You can bring it out at the same exit site as the two wires by expanding the slit on one side of the plastic just a little. Replace the receiver back into the engine bay. Now you can turn off the lights without any issues.

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Remote on/off switch

Good on/off response. Need o buy the harness separately.
Used I switch on/of DRL light.

Helpful? Yes (9) No (1)

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Remote is awesome

I love this item. I use it when hunting and its awesome to turn the light on to find my UTV in the pitch-dark woods.

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Easy way to wire a light bar switch

It is very hard to get a wire through the firewall on my truck, this switch made it so easy to have a switch for my light bar and not have to worry about the wires. Very easy to activate the key fob, and works great.

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Enhance your already brilliant off road light with this flashing unit!! Attention getter!!

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