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BA9s LED Boat and RV Light Bulb Retrofit - 5 Lumens

Part Number: BA9s-x-xVAC-RVB
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Cool 6000K
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LED replacement bulbs can fit numerous boat and RV applications such as vanity lights, map lights, footwell lights, dashboard lights, instrument cluster lights, gauge lights and indicator lights. This BA9s single-contact LED bulb replaces a variety of traditional bulbs including 1445 and 17053 bulbs. It has 1 LED that is positioned on the top of the bulb inside a white glass cover and emits a narrow 15° or wide 180° viewing angle. Produces up to 3 lumens at 2700K or 7000K. 9-mm Miniature bayonet base for easy plug-and-play installation—just twist to lock in place. The energy-efficient bulb has 12V DC operation and is designed to last 30,000 hours on your motorhome or boat—25 times longer than incandescents. Available in cool white, warm white, UV (blacklight), blue, green, amber and red. Not sold in pairs. Price per bulb.

Important Notes - Please read before purchasing:
  1. To protect LEDs in marine applications, it is advisable to use a 12 VDC line conditioner to compensate for voltage irregularities common in marine low-voltage systems.
3 Years
Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a 3-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product within the warranty period. If the same product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted. Read More
In order for certain products within controlled categories, such as electrical and electronic devices, to be legally sold in the European Economic Area, they must bear a CE label, which stands for Conformité Européenne (European Conformity). Products with this label meet environmental, health, and safety standards put into place by European legislation.
  • LED Map Lights
  • Dashboard Lights
  • Footwell
  • Instrument Cluster Lights
  • Gauge Lights
  • LED Vanity Lights


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Part NOCCT / Wavelength
Current Draw @ Operating Voltage
Operating VoltagePrice Ea.Product WeightConstant Current
-BA9SF-R-6VAC626 nm-1.8 lm0.01A6 V$1.98--
-BA9SF-R-12VAC626 nm-1.3 lm0.01A12 V$1.98--
-BA9SF-A-6VAC592 nm-1.6 lm0.01A6 V$1.98--
-BA9SF-A-12VAC592 nm-1.2 lm0.01A12 V$1.98--
-BA9SF-W-6VAC6000 K-5 lm0.02A6 V$1.98--
-BA9SF-W-12VAC6000 K-3.5 lm0.01A12 V$1.98--
-BA9SF-B-6VAC473 nm-1 lm0.01A6 V$1.98--
-BA9SF-B-12VAC473 nm-0.8 lm0.01A12 V$1.98--
-BA9SF-G-6VAC525 nm-4.9 lm0.01A6 V$1.98--
-BA9SF-G-12VAC525 nm-3.8 lm0.01A12 V$1.98--
-BA9SF-UV-12VAC405 nm--0.01A12 V$1.98--
-BA9SF-WW-6VAC2700 K-4.5 lm0.01A6 V$1.98--
-BA9SF-WW-12VAC2700 K-2.3 lm0.01A12 V$1.98--
-BA9SF-A-12VAC-10PK592 nm-1.2 lm0.01A12 V$18.25--
-BA9SF-A-12VAC-20PK592 nm-1.2 lm0.01A12 V$25.40--
-BA9SF-A-6VAC-10PK592 nm-1.6 lm0.01A6 V$18.25--
-BA9SF-A-6VAC-20PK592 nm-1.6 lm0.01A6 V$25.40--
-BA9SF-B-12VAC-10PK473 nm-0.8 lm0.01A12 V$18.25--
-BA9SF-B-12VAC-20PK473 nm-0.8 lm0.01A12 V$25.40--
-BA9SF-B-6VAC-10PK473 nm-1 lm0.01A6 V$18.25--
-BA9SF-B-6VAC-20PK473 nm-1 lm0.01A6 V$25.40--
-BA9SF-G-12VAC-10PK525 nm-3.8 lm0.01A12 V$18.25--
-BA9SF-G-12VAC-20PK525 nm-3.8 lm0.01A12 V$25.40--
-BA9SF-G-6VAC-10PK525 nm-4.9 lm0.01A6 V$18.25--
-BA9SF-G-6VAC-20PK525 nm-4.9 lm0.01A6 V$25.40--
-BA9SF-R-12VAC-10PK626 nm-1.3 lm0.01A12 V$18.25--
-BA9SF-R-12VAC-20PK626 nm-1.3 lm0.01A12 V$25.40--
-BA9SF-R-6VAC-10PK626 nm-1.8 lm0.01A6 V$18.25--
-BA9SF-R-6VAC-20PK626 nm-1.8 lm0.01A6 V$25.40--
-BA9SF-UV-12VAC-10PK405 nm--0.01A12 V$18.25--
-BA9SF-UV-12VAC-20PK405 nm--0.01A12 V$25.40--
-BA9SF-W-12VAC-10PK6000 K-3.5 lm0.01A12 V$18.25--
-BA9SF-W-12VAC-20PK6000 K-3.5 lm0.01A12 V$25.40--
-BA9SF-W-6VAC-10PK6000 K-5 lm0.02A6 V$18.25--
-BA9SF-W-6VAC-20PK6000 K-5 lm0.02A6 V$25.40--
-BA9SF-WW-12VAC-10PK2700 K-2.3 lm0.01A12 V$18.25--
-BA9SF-WW-12VAC-20PK2700 K-2.3 lm0.01A12 V$25.40--
-BA9SF-WW-6VAC-10PK2700 K-4.5 lm0.01A6 V$18.25--
-BA9SF-WW-6VAC-20PK2700 K-4.5 lm0.01A6 V$25.40--
BA9s-x-xVAC-RVB - BA9s LED Bulb - 1 LED - BA9s Retrofit
BA9s LED Bulb - 1 LED - BA9s Retrofit



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Wonderful Product

Just bought ten of these to use in my Gottlieb Pinball machine to replace the GE44 bulbs. Bright - fast and use less power. Wish the color was a little warmer but these are great. I am about to order 10 more!

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Perfect little lights

I could not ask for better. The fit properly, give the correct amount of light. And don't cost too much. I will by from here every time I need LED devices.

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Capt. Tim
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Great for smaller gauges

I installed these (in red) on several boat gauges to replace the old white incandescent bulbs. These are perfect for the smaller gauges (about 2 inch diameter for oil pressure, engine temp, etc.)- not too bright, but easy to read at night. In the larger tachometer gauges (about 4 inch diameter), they are satisfactory, but a bit dim. I am going to try the brighter BA9S-R4-90-12VAC four-LED bulbs for the tachs. I'll post a review later on how they work. Otherwise, happy with the product. Red is a lot easier on the eyes at night, and it doesn't wreck your night vision.

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1957 Chevy Instrument Cluster Lamps

These really worked well. I bought the 10-pack (needed 9 for the instrument cluster). I'm hoping these last as long as other LED's I've used. If possible, I always replace "difficult to reach" lamps with LEDs in the hope that they will last forever. The instrument cluster lamps are no exception - a real pain in the "rear" to replace. Testing the lamps prior to installation showed that everything worked. Very happy - will definitely be placing another very soon.

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May be OK for some applications

Bought these to replace instrument cluster bulbs in my 1963 Ford Truck. Way too dim for this. Understanding that UV does not pop like other colors, but all they give is a glow. Can not see them at all unless in total darkness.

I would re-purchase something else but choices are limited in purple.

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